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Artist's Reception Friday APRIL 15th 7pm-10pm
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4Art Inc Gallery is located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center - 
Four floors of artists studio's and Galleries all under one Dynamic Roof!!

4Art Chronicles                                       April 15, 2011 

 Robin Monique Rios introduces her newest piece, as part of The Observation Series,

She by Robin Monique Rios

5ft x 20in.

The Observation Series sprang to life seven years ago and continues to grow. In this digital art series, Rios combines original photography with donated X-rays and MRIs, resulting in pieces that are as deeply personal-each piece is created with an effort to find understanding and acceptance in the world around her-as they are universal; Rios invites viewers to take their own physical, psychological, and emotional journeys in an attempt to explore life's internalized longings. These limited edition fine art prints are collected by people across the country.   


4Art Welcomes New Collective Member:  JENNIFER MOORE

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, a Chicago native, is a film/emulsion based and digital photographer. She holds a BA in Art History and Photography and a Masters in Photography from Governors State University. As a photo artist, Jennifer's images span in content and printing techniques. Her goal is to capture more than just an image on a piece of paper, Moore desires to share with her audience vision, emotion and moment. Moore has regularly showed her work and has won numerous awards. Jennifer is an Associate Professor of Photography at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.


               A Posada  C Heppner   Wired   t Keefer   
               T Hughes  CJ Hungerman   G Lindmark   T \Wilson  
               jennifer Moore   S Katz  MA Gagliardi    RM Rios

- From Left to Right -
Alessandra Posada, Charles Heppner, Melissa Kolbusz (wired), Tom Keefer, Tim Hughes,  
CJ Hungerman, George Lindmark, Tom Wilson, Jennifer Moore, Sonia Katz,  
Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Robin Monique Rios.

4Art's collective group provides artists not only with a venue to exhibit their art, it provides personal and technical support as well as a unique creative arena where they can be inspired as well as inspire. Our cohesive atmosphere allows artists a rare opportunity to learn and grow in a diverse environment. 4Art has been an artist run Gallery since 2003 and Owner/Artist Robin Monique Rios has dedicated herself to the continued support and mentoring of artists and art enthusiasts alike.

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