Wednesday, February 9, 2011


4Art Inc Gallery: 1029 West 35th Street - Chicago
4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center  / 773-254-5100
Friday February 18th 7pm-10pm  (Free-Open to the Public)

Our Members are comprised of a diverse group of talented artists. These artists are hand selected by owner/artist Robin Monique Rios and range from emerging - established. "It has always been my mission to mentor and inspire and what better way than to put together an amazing group of artists from all walks of life and of varying experience. I am working on my eighth year of being in the gallery business; I am proud of all I have accomplished over the years and I look forward to what lies ahead. Our group isn't just a gallery of artists; it is a family of artists."

4Art is excited to announce that we will have four Amazing Collective Members joining us: 

Pen and Ink artist CJ Hungerman. Hailing from the steel town of Pittsburgh, PA; CJ has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in graphic design from West Liberty State College and a BFA in painting from West Virginia University and from there attended Northern Illinois University and received his MFA majoring in Painting. CJ's work; The RANDOM ROBOT ATTACKS are mindless drones battling one another for no reason at all, endlessly.

Charles Heppner:  New Series- tin soldiers

The label tin soldier is in reference to the song “One Tin Soldier” from the movie “Billy Jack”. The song is about the value of world peace—it is the greatest treasure. Heppner’s tin soldiers are representative of women, who work silently, tirelessly in the banal actions of everyday life. They have lost identities except for their first name. Their actions and appearances are lost or twisted. Remnants of writing smudged on their bodies suggests the hidden history of each. They are truly some of the soldiers for peace on earth. Charles Heppner is a multi-disciplined artist living in the South Chicago neighborhood in one of the greenest home in Chicago. He is happy to be back showing with 4Art.

California Artist Alessandra Posada; Every painting I create is an illustrated chapter of a life story. Opposite concepts and personal representations of universal archetypes are the main subjects of my paintings. I believe death and life, the reality and fantasy, the myth and the fact, welcoming and farewell, simplicity and complexity, joy and sadness share the reality of every story. I believe the irony is what our history as a society and as individuals is greatly made of and I enjoy creating the symbols to describe it. Organic tissues and other forms of matter are an inspiration to design these fragments of life.

Michelle-Renee Perkins is a mixed media painter. Through my work, I feel that I am communicating to my ancestors whether by means of materials or subject matter. There are materials that have personal and or historical relevance that become tools, which speak to my African-American and Native-American past. I do not place limitations on the materials that I work with, but I feel that the struggle of those that have gone before me involved the use and reuse of natural, found, made and altered objects. Therefore, by using items such as soil, clothing, flowers, bones, roots, photographs, hair, and recycled found objects, I am reinforcing my themes through the use of materials. At the same time, I am addressing the history and spirituality of objects and images that I generate.

Live Demonstration by Tim Hughes

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