Friday, May 14, 2010

Exclusive Only @ 4Art Inc Gallery!!

NEW Jewelry Designs by Robin Monique Rios

On Sale Now!! Get them while supplies last.

3rd Friday's @ 4Art Inc Gallery: Friday June 18th 7pm-10pm

4Art Inc Gallery is one the most enduring and successful art galleries in Chicago. The Gallery has been fully owned and operated by native Robin Monique Rios since October 2003 and has obtained a large and loyal base of artists and clientele that is dedicated to the survival and reputation of the Fine Arts scene in Chicago.

4Art is dedicated to the highest standards in both the selection and presentation of diverse works of art. They have a built a strong and anticipatory reputation for exhibiting a vast array of talented and innovative artists, thru a variety or media. 4Art is proud to have created the perfect creative arena for both artists and art enthusiasts. 4Art is committed to maintaining an intimate and personal environment for its working artists, while preserving it's success as a prestigious and thought provoking venue.

One Building - 4 floors of uniquely defined and creative art spaces!

4Art Inc Gallery is located on the 4th floor of the Internationally renowned Zhou B Art Center, which is nestled in the charming neighborhood of Bridgeport. The Gallery consists of a striking arrangement of eight collective artists, who are dedicated to providing the gallery with evolving bodies of work. The gallery also provides opportunities for a guest artist to exhibit monthly, as well as an open call for artists through its Art Diaries Series, a miniature art exhibit, which rotates on a quarterly basis.

For more information:

For media inquiries, interview opportunities please contact Robin Monique Rios, 773-254-5100, 1029 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60609.

4Art’s Collective Group:

4Art Welcomes Photographer Janae Kernes.

Janae Kernes was born in Woodstock, IL on April 1, 1981, yes April fools day! Janae has always had a love for nature and it's beauty. Little did she know that love of nature would turn into a passion for photography. She started out using a one time use camera when she was little. Then as Janae grew older she graduated to a Minolta 35mm film camera. Janae is a self taught photographer. Even though she has never gone to school for photography, Janae is always studying books and talking to seasoned professionals to help guide her along her way. Janae hopes to take an individual on a journey into the picture, to see it not as she does or as anyone else might see it but how you see it personally. Janae state: The world holds in it's grasp endless beauty. To be able to capture just a glimpse of it is a privilege. You don't have to be a professional to get that one in a million shot, you just have to be there.

-Freehand line work of Illustrator & comic book artist Derail Howery
-Cheery nature and abstract still life's; paper/mixed media collage by Sonia Katz

-Eclectic, metaphorical and a style that is both gritty and elegant; mixed media paintings by Dennis Burke

-Visual interpretation of life through shape, motion and science; oil & acrylic paintings by Tom Wilson

-Whimsical; playful innocence meets Sci-Fi; acrylic paintings by Maya Kalabic

-A collection of jewelry made entirely from reclaimed and surplus industrial materials by Melissa Kolbusz [wired]

-Surreal and imaginative snapshots of life’s adversities and events; mixed media on paper by Tom Keefer

-Unique & intricate Chessboards that are unlike anything you've ever seen. Digital Art that provokes the mind, body and spirit; NEW Jewelry Design's by Robin Monique Rios


ART DIARIES - Miniature art quarterly exhibition.  "Retreat" July - Sept show Deadline June 4th.

"SOMNAMBULIST" dream themed Annual Group show.  Sept - Oct 2010 DEADLINE July 20th.

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