Friday, January 29, 2010

February @ 4Art Inc Gallery

1029 w. 35th Street, Chicago  773-254-5100
4Art Inc Gallery is located on the 4th Floor

This months GUEST ARTIST: Cherish Tierney


4Art also welcomes, New to the Collective, painter Tina Turner.


This months Featured Artist our very own

Sonia Katz is a Chicago-based abstract artist whose work has been exhibited and collected nationwide. Trained as a sculptor, Sonia specializes in creating original collage paintings. Using her dynamic artwork to express her views on nature and the world around her, Sonia paints colorful patterns on Japanese paper, cuts the paper into unique shapes, and pastes them down on heavy watercolor paper. Of her work, Sonia describes, “I am imagining these shapes as real objects having weight and motion. They may balance on one another, float, fall, or combine into structures. The colors and actions of these shapes combine to create a harmony almost like music, to stir emotion in a language without words.”
Sonia was educated at the University of Chicago, where she earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees; at Cambridgeshire Technical College in England; and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She concentrated in sculpture from 1960 to 1979, using stone, plastics, bronze, and steel, and began collage in 1980. Sonia has also taught, written critical reviews, and worked in arts organizations. 

Some of Sonia's newest pieces:

"Tea Party"   Collage

"Fruit Bowl"    Collage


ART DIARIES "UNLEASHED" is in its second month of exhibition.  We have a fantastic display of creative and diverse artists which has already inspired many artists to create a piece for the next quarters show. 

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