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The time is finally here! We at 4Art invite all to join us this September as we rejoice in the relocation to the internationally renowned Zhou B. Art Center. Our accompanying entourage of artists will include: Robin Monique Rios, Melissa Kolbusz [wired], Magdalena Lis, Sarah Raskey, Agnieszka Kulon, Sonia Katz, Robert C. Anderson, Angel Silva, and Chantal Philipon Cegede.

Our philosophy of mentoring and empowering artists while engaging art enthusiasts will continue as 4Art recharges itself with new artistic undertakings. This includes a unique venture in installation work by Agnieszka Kulon featuring a live performance of fashionable garments, which will be unveiled at our SEPTEMBER 18th GRAND OPENING SHOW.

Join us every 3rd Friday of the month from 7pm-10pm at 1029 W. 35th St. 4th floor. 4Art welcomes all to share in our enthusiasm and excitement of our new space!

The BUZZ is “Bridgeport art scene!!” DON’T MISS IT!


FRIDAY OCTOBER 16th 2009 7pm-10pm
show title: 404 error: File not found (As part of Chicago Artists Month and en lieu of this years theme)

4Art Inc is a group of diverse Chicago artists whose mediums are reflections of both the new and traditional media.

FEATURED This Month:
we will have an interactive installation piece by Agnieszka Kulon; this is a performance, video installation & fashion, a collective effort by a group of artists, Agnieszka calls: "WE ARE" These Artists include:
Agnieszka Kulon fashion/photography imagery
Cleveland Dean painter/fine art
Chuck Przybyl video/photography
Edyta Stepien's video/photography
Music: Dj Madrid & DJ Sean Haley


We will also be showcasing works by Photographer Robert C. Anderson whose work is geared toward our local community regarding the city’s urban decay and forgotten people. Digital Art and unique Chessboard designs by Robin Rios, her work is both interactive and technology driven. Sarah Raskey, mixed media artist whose outreach program speaks out and supports art and community on a global level. Melissa Kolbusz will be showcasing a number of jewelry pieces that are all from recycled and surplus materials. Other Artists include: Magdalena Lis - oil, Sonia Katz - collage, Chantal Philipon-Cegede - Aqua media, Angel Silva - mixed media.

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